Monday, November 29, 2010

W.I.G Annual Bazaar

Once a year the W.I.G (Women's International Group) run a Bazaar.  It is quite an event on the Vientiane calendar and there were crowds in attendance.

In the central covered-outdoor hall, school groups provide entertainment and they seemed to be having a superb time, singing, dancing, martial was all going on.

There were plenty of stalls selling everything from silk to handmade furniture.  The number of food stalls was wonderful and the quality of food very high.

Perhaps the best attended stall of them all was the bric-a-brac.  There was a crowd of local people gathered around the clothing table - they obviously thought they were on to a bargin.  

The bouncy castle was one of the largest we have seen in a long time

Not allowed to go on the bouncy castle, Andrew's little eyes lit up when he found the home baking stand!

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