Thursday, November 11, 2010

Lamb & Food on wheels

We have been exploring the territory alongside the Mekong river and got a good feel for it during a two hour ride south & back.  You don't have to go far to get off the paved roads and to be biking through so pretty basic living.  And amongst it all a really big palatial house will appear.

Not having an oven in the apartment has meant Andrew has been deprived of roasts.  He has now rectified this situation with an attempt to tame the barbecue in our complex.  We buy small bags of large pieces of charcoal and use local sticks which have been impregnated with some sort of accelerant to get things going.  Twice he has cooked a boned out leg of lamb - both of NZ origin - one from Silver Fern Farms & the other from Alliance.

There may not be any home mail delivery here, but all sorts of food trundles past our gate being sold by mobile vendors.  Usually it is a cart or a cart propelled by a motor or pushbike.  The ice-cream man has a tune along the lines of Mr Whippy.  The fruit man dings a bicycle bell.  He has lots of fresh peeled in season fruit

Vegetables usually come past on on a long wooden hand cart, but we buy ours from the stall at the end of the road.  At the moment mustard greens are very much in season and their yellow follows can be seen on most vegetable carts.  We saw this morning when we were out walking people in the field cutting bunches for sale.  The baskets on the roadside would have been super fresh.

Today I saw a new variation on the ice cream man.  Outside a primary school lots of kids were crowding around a cart.  I turned my bike around and went to see what it was.  It was a Popsicle cart.  Frozen Popsicles made in long round metal molds and there was a variety of flavours.  They were selling fast.  From the 500kip notes being handed over the they would have cost about 8 cents each. 

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