Saturday, November 6, 2010

Dining at both ends of the spectrum

As we have been eating at home for the last few weeks we decided last Friday it was time for a nice meal out.  Le Silapa has been on our list for a while.  Especially as Andrew had talked to the owner at a wine tasting we went to recently.

From the front it looks a bit ordinary - a little old house frontage - nothing special.  And when we went in about 6:45pm there was no one else there.  We were wondering if it was going to be as good as we hoped.  It was better.  It was lovely and the service was top notch.

Wonderful soup, a perfectly cooked steak and fresh and tasty fish.  Round it out with a bottle of French red.


Then this Friday it was time for a local place a couple of blocks away from the apartment.  It was time for us to visit Anna Grilled Duck restaurant, an open air establishment where we were the only non locals.

We have ridden past a few times on our bikes and seen the smoke from the charcoal barbecue, but had not been in.  The smoke is pretty intense when they are cooking and the barbecuer wears a full head wrap to deal with the smoke. 

The duck was tasty but hard work getting it off the bones and there wasn't a huge amount of meat.  The fried rice was lovely.  The broth with the other bits of duck in it was very tasty.  It was a simple meal, but good.  The half duck, cut into pieces, came first and we had pretty much devoured it before before I thought to take this picture.

The local cat and dog came around looking for scraps.  Andrew was quite keen on the Beer Girl - who's job it is to look pretty, and keep pouring you beers.  A very successful way to keep consumption up.

And here we are.  Another week older than the last across-the-table-photograph.

One meal cost NZD 125 while the other was NZD 11

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  1. As usual, Andrew has the best seat:)