Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Bike trekking & Makphet Restuarant

We have been meaning to explore the area on the other side of town from us out near the airport.  So we set off on Saturday morning.  The plan was to get out there on the roads then take a dirt track alongside a stream back to town.  However after getting to the track we found it was blocked that day by a huge digger clearing the stream.  So back onto highway 13 and traffic and dust to get back to town

Highway 13 - main north - south road through Laos
- and bicycle racing track

Andrew tried to liven things up by racing two small boys on a bike (ie. one of them was being doubled) along the road for a bit.

AJ here, they were serious, I had to crouch down to reduce the wind resistance, it was touch and go who was going to win, I do not like losing even if they were only 10 years old. 

He was pleased to say he won and all three boys had lots of fun.

Almost anything can be carried on the back of a motorbike

We went to a restaurant in town for dinner called Makphet.  This is a training restaurant set up by the Friends international charity to train former street kids in the restaurant industry.

The food is fanstastic and gets rave reviews from diners and critics.  The staff are very attentive.  Sometimes they were quite shy to start with but warmed up as service went on.  They are taught all aspects of running a restaurant and are given training in english.  It was a very good meal.

The place was busy so we sat upstairs at low tables where you sit/recline on the floor.  A bit different for a tall, slightly less flexible man.

AJ - When have any of you sat cross legged for dinner.? I cannot do it. A good meal though...

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  1. I can see you cruising around on your bike looking for drag racing opportunities Andrew - will keep you fit!