Sunday, October 10, 2010

Wat Si Saket

This is the oldest surviving temple in Vientiane. 

We thought it should be the first temple we visited in the city because every day when Andrew gets the tuk tuk to work he tells the driver to take him to Wat Sisaket.  We found this easier to do than to try get driver to understand "Ministry of Education" and it is just across the road from the office.

Ministry of Education, as seen from the Wat Si Saket

The Wat was not destroyed in the 1828 Siam war, as many of the other temples were.

Outside the sim there are cloistered walls.  In these walls and in the tiny alcoves behind the three hundred seated Buddha statues are yet more tiny Buddhas.  Overall there are over 2000 Buddhas in Wat Si Saket.

The cloisters around the edge of the Wat
- in here are the thousands of buddhas.

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  1. Temple looks great - like the photos of Andrew but what about one of Paula?