Sunday, October 3, 2010

Today's post is brought to you by ... BeerLao

This is one local product with almost COMPLETE dominance of the market.  It has won a number of international awards, some say it is due to the imported hops and the local jasmine rice. 

It IS good.  It's 5% lager and as we have said before it costs NZD 1.20 for 640ml bottle from the shop or about double that in a bar or restaurant. 

Walking down any street in Vientiane you will see a yellow BeerLao sponsorship sign.  Any guest house, hotel, pub restaurant is likely to have a BeerLao branded sign.

In fact looking down most streets it is hard not to see a yellow BeerLao sign.  From this spot  on the main road to our apartment you can see 4 of them 2 bars, 1 nightclub and a minimarket.  (You can only see three in this picture below as one is on the other side of the road)

And if that isn't enough, they also take on the bottled water market - Tigerhead from LBC, the Lao Brewing company

 The corporate website is
 Tiger beer (Singapore) is trying to make inroads on the beer market here, but it is a huge job.

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