Monday, September 13, 2010

In the Neighbourhood

This morning we decided another walk around the neighbourhood was a good plan.  Within the suburb there is a number of 'villages', sub-suburbs.

The worst thing is the number of dogs.  Most just sit and watch you, but those that bark or start running up, are quite disconcerting.  Rabies is common throughout the region and you don't know which animals have it and which don't.  So you really have to assume they all are, and act accordingly.  We found it comforting to have a small rock each - didn't have to use them - but it felt safer just in case.

We heard about an ex-pat here who was bitten.  The rabies shots you have to get after the fact (and within 48hrs or you die) cost USD 1,700!  Our NZ travel doctor said we can be vaccinated just in-case, but it would have cost over NZD 1,200 each. 

Note the architectural features:
Traditional bamboo scaffolding - understand that
but why an eagle statue below the roof???
People like to use their english "hellos" and the local greeting sa-bai-dee gets called out to us all the time.

We all took a trip down to the Aussie butcher today.  Silver Fern Farms lamb is for sale.  At 151,000 kip per kg, a 2kg leg of lamb would be about NZD 50.  We took the opportunity to have a coffee in a french cafe and it was good and the walnut brownie wasn't bad either.

It was then across town to check out a European butcher/charcuterie where we sourced some sausages - which will be barbecued for dinner tonight.  There was also ham, salami, & pate.

A visit to the local fruit and veg market on the way back to the house showed us where we will be getting our ingredients from.  So with a mix of local food, and some european luxuries we will be completely set.

At this stage I can't see us putting the live frogs or snakes from the market on the menu!


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