Saturday, May 9, 2009

Les Concluses: Friday 8th May 2009

Today is a national holiday, Victory in Europe day, so the village had a quiet start to the day.

We headed east of Lussan, to an area called Les Concluses for a walk along the cliff tops of the L’Aiguillon river. The river valley is far below and the path took us down there before climbing back up to the cliffs on the other side.

Andrew climbed a steep track to look at a menhir (dolmen) further up the hillside. These are associated with neolithlic or bronze age culture.

After following the signposted directions for 1 & ½ hours we got to an intersection where, having read the maps at the car park, we expected to be able return to the start point via a circular direction. We decided to walk down an unmarked road that our detailed walking map showed but after 10 minutes decided to return to the car by retracing our steps. As we walked back to the intersection we saw 3 people walking towards us and we started thinking how we were going to ask in French if they knew the track. Bonjour, we said. Bonjour they said, and then said do you speak English. It turned out they were German tourists who didn’t know anymore than us.

It was an excellent walk, a couple of good inclines that were good in helping improve our fitness. The day was only early 20s today so walking was much more pleasant.

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