Saturday, May 9, 2009

La Roque sur Cèze: Thursday 7th May 2009

The valley of the Cèze river was our destination today. We parked in a shady carpark outside the town, which was lucky as today was the hottest so far. Temperatures were in the late 20’s and early 30’s

The medieval village is built up a hillside and only a limited amount of the village is accessible by car. Even getting across the river to the village side of the river means crossing a one lane medieval bridge. A lot of restoration has gone on and its a lovely place to visit.

From there we walked to the Cascades du Sautadet. We weren’t sure what we would find (we had left our guide book at home) but they were marked on our tourist map as a highlight, so we thought we should investigate. The racing water through natural rock formations were definitely out of the ordinary. The river up until here was gentle, flat and calm. Then a series of geological formations turn it into a ravaging torrent, and once through there it is back to a gentle river. Andrew went for a swim in pool up from here. The water was on the fresh side, but he was pleased to see lots of fish, suggesting the water was clean and healthy.

We visited a couple of other villages along the river Gourdargues and Montclus, but the highlight of the day was La Roque

Man and fire -perfact holiday

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