Thursday, April 16, 2009

Wedding - Aigle - Switzerland April 15th 2009

We woke to a clear and sunny day. About 10:45 in wandered a couple of surprise guests - Austin and Hayden Banks...carefully orchestrated by Chazzy, they were a real treat.

In preparation for some drinks on our return Andrew carefully placed 6 bottles of French Champagne into some the remaining snow to chill.

We had a relaxed lunch at Annie, Hilly & Will's apartment. And then following some dressing up in wedding finery there was a leisurely walk down to the train station to catch the 3:04 train from Leysin to Aigle. We did stand out from the locals and tourists.

We waited in front of the Maison de la Dime until the celebrant, Madeline Burnier, came to collect us all. She was a charming lady who mixed the formality with a level of informality. The ceremony took 15 minutes and at it's conclusion we were presented with a bunch of flowers and a card from the community of Aigle. It was also lovely to receive well-wishes from people as we travelled.

A few photos in the courtyard and then we headed back up the mountain on the little train.

The champagne was beautifully chilled and was enjoyed with cheese and strawberries. Toasts were made to absent family and friends - we have appreciated all their messages of support.

We headed down to the restaurant Le Leysin where the 12 of us had a lovely meal which concluded with the dessert being presented on a large silver board and sparklers were lit - providing entertainment for the entire restaurant.

It was a great day that went off without a hitch. We are both very happy to have shared it with the assembled friends and family.

So the photos...some can be viewed via the album below. Click on it and you will be taken to a new tab where you can view the pictures

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