Thursday, April 30, 2009

St-Hilaire-D’orzilhan: Friday 24th April 2009

It was an around the village day. The wind dropped overnight and we headed off on the bikes out of town. The way we chose climbed a bit and once out of the vineyard areas was quite scrubby. It did show us how close we were to the motorway, which we had no fully comprehended as we can’t see or hear it from the village. Riding back down the hill we had to keep our mouths closed or we would have been eating a number of the flying bug population – there were so many of them.

We came back to the apartment just on Midday and there were crowds of parents waiting to pick up their children for the lunch-break. They return to school at 1:30pm.

Later in the afternoon when the heat of the day was abating we went for a walk up behind the village to where we could see the remains of a fortified castle. On getting up there it was really a task for the archaeologist rather than a restoration job, and the views back over the valley were excellent.

We also found the local lavoir (washing house) which was unusual due to it having two perfect circular pools plus the rectangular pool. Also visible were the old washing lines along the outer wall

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