Monday, April 6, 2009

Mortain : Sunday 5th April 2009

We had relaxing sort of Sunday where we didn’t get up to early and only headed out to Mortain in the afternoon.

Mortain is a small town 20km away from where we are staying. Mortain was almost entirely rebuilt after 1944, having been the centre of a ferocious battle. On Hill 317 Americans held out for five days and saved the D-Day invasion forces from being pushed back to the Normandy beaches. French citizens using little known paths around the area kept the Americans supplied.

Climbing up the hill to the Petite Chappelle we had great views over the countryside – even as far as Mont St Michel over 50km away.

Mont St Michel is actually on the horizon in the middle of this picture

We walked around the edges of the town including a large Abbey. From there we passed two waterfalls for which the town is also known for the Grande Cascade and the Petite Cascade. To us they were nothing special, but they were pleasant, the sun was shining and we were both walking around in shirtsleeves – it was a nice day out.

While walking through one of the streets in the town we saw a donkey. Andrew called it over and gave it some attention - they have very soft noses for those who have not patted a donkey recently - the donkey reciprocated by baring "his very large teeth" at AJ :-)

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