Friday, April 17, 2009

Montreux: Tuesday 14th April 2009 (Out of date order - posted Wedding day 1st - so 15th appears below)

It was an afternoon trip down the hill and on to Montreux. From here we went to visit Chateau Chillon. Apparently this is one of Switzerland’s most visited attractions. It was a 45 minute walk from the station around the shores of Lake Geneva. The walk is along the “Flower Path” of Montreux and it was lovely. Spring flowers, Magnolias, everything was bathed in sunlight.

On top of the lovely gardens there was a slightly bizzare series of garden scuptures

The weather was again excellent and the temperature well into the twenties. The shade of the trees provided welcome relief at times. Ice-creams were required along the way.

The castle itself was well preserved and well presented. There were numerous large halls, turrets, latrine room and a prison underneath.

The Chateau also owns 12,500m2 of vineyards and the wine from which is sold and the proceeds go to maintaining the castle.

We walked back to Montreux and found a place for a beer while Annie went to pick up William from the train station

Dinner was at a lakeside restaurant where we enjoyed a pleasant meal and watched the sun set behind the mountains. We caught the train back and were back in Leysin about 10pm.

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