Sunday, April 5, 2009

Domfront, Bagnolle, Flers: Friday 2nd April 2009

We headed to Domfront 10km away, a medieval town set on a hill with a ruined castle and thick town walls. The views would be superb but there is a lot of mist about this morning.

Friday is market day – but it was just a little too low key to be interesting so we headed into the town. There is a ruined castle which has been declared a national momument. Eleanor of Aquitaine was born in this castle in October 1162

The castle ruins at Domfront and Paula standing on the ramparts

The church St Julien looked much older but was only built in the 1920’s from concrete pieces. It is currently closed and under restoration as the large central tower is unsafe.

The church St Julien and the scaffolding repairs visible inside (repairs will cost €4 million)

Domfront is a bit sleepy and it seems almost every third person is speaking English - there are a lot of Brits here.

We headed to Bagnoles de l’Orne. This is a pretty spa town that had been recommended, but it was a bit sterile.

Paula in front of the Hotel de Ville (Town Hall) at Bagnoles de l'Orne

From there we went to Flers. It seemed to be a bit of an industrial town but the information office was very helpful and had a walking tour which we did for about an hour. It was interesting and the small Chateau on the lake and it’s adjoining garden were very nice. Not worth making a beeline for, but not a bad place to spend an hour

Fishermen behind the Chateau at Flers - very looooooooong fishing poles

All our travels today were in a radius of about 30km from Lonlay l’Abbaye

Decorations on the side of a gate at Flers

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