Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Tallinn to Stockholm: Monday 16th March 2009

After a quiet night ( it was certainly no Cook Strait trip, there was no roll) we woke to find ourselves in the Stockholm archipelagos. There was a surprising amount of habitation along both sides. Many houses had flag poles (AJ observation).

The boat arrived into Stockholm at 10am. We disembarked behind a husband and wife who had purchased a mix of 16 slabs of beer and gin mixers, the slabs purchased with it's own trolley. Taxes on alcohol in Scandinavia ,are high and people do take advantage of duty free options!

There was a shuttle bus to central railway station from the dock where we wished to book some accommodation. The Tourist office had moved a few blocks. Here we found that was virtually booked out due to conferences. The result was a rather expensive hotel available only for one night. We have subsequently found a twin room in a great central hostel for the next 2 nights.

We had a lovely Swedish set lunch and then did a bit of orientation. We checked out the views from the Katarinahissen, an elevator up a a hill, where we could see out over Stockholm

view over stockholm

We had a superb dinner in a little Italian restaurant near our hotel. Andrew sat down, didn’t open his menu, and said to the waiter "I can’t read Swedish, can you help me? I would like meat." The waiter then proceeded to tell him there was Saltimbocca, Lasagne and Entrecote (Beef Steak)etc. An American couple came in later and when the waiter offered to decipher the menu, she said, no it’s fine, I can see they are all standard Italian dishes J. However the Saltimbocca was superb and the cabonara deliciously decadent. (Great meal and wine – AJ)

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