Thursday, March 19, 2009

Stockholm: Tuesday 17th March 2009

We headed off to check out the Vasa Museum. The Vasa was a ship that sank in 1685, on its maiden voyage in Stockholm harbour. It lay on the bottom of the sea for 300 years until it was found in the late 1950’s and plans made to salvage it. It was 69 metes in length and carried 450 men on its maiden, and only, voyage. The reason it sank was it wasn’t carrying enough ballast for a ship of its size. The salvage and conservation work is amazing and the general display is very well done. Highly recommended.

We spent a few minutes looking at an ice breaker ship and a floating lighthouse ship that were berthed behind the museum.

In the afternoon we walked around Skeppsholmen Island where numerous boats are parked.

The hostel is new and clean. But it is yet to be seen how quiet it will be–it is fully fully booked so it’s a full house tonight. Our window overlooks the water – pretty much the same view as the Swedish Royal family – their palace is a couple of blocks down our street.

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