Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Paris: 23rd Feb Bastille Market, Concierge & St Chapelle

Got up late and headed to Bastille area to visit the Sunday market on Boulevard Richard Lenoir. A guidebook had said it was a kilometre long, I don’t know if this is true but it took us over an hour and a half to meander up and back. The place was humming and there were wonderful mainly seafood, meat, vegetable stands with a few bread, pastry and cake stalls thrown in. We managed to acquire a couple of macarons and a crepe each. One delightful sight and sound was an organ grinder and mate singing to the music, they were fun.
Richard Lenoir Market
After the market we stopped for lunch. Today was a little colder, but not overly cold. Temperatures have been around the 8 to 10 degrees each day and no rain so far. After a lunch that took a long time due to slow service we headed to the Concierge and St Chapelle complex. There was a queue for the Concerierge and warnings of an hours delay for St Chapelle but in the end it went quite smoothly.

Looking back to the Concierge and inside the great hall
The Concierge was a former royal residence and was used at the time of the revolution to hold prisoners before they were executed. A guillotine blade was exhibited. They had done some reconstructed cells, including how Marie Antoinette would have spent her last days. There was also an display on here showing various exhibitons that had been in Paris over the last 150 years. It was interesting to see the Eiffel tower being constructed for it’s exhibition debut After getting through the security screening for St Chapelle we headed into the church upstairs where there was stunning stained glass in the entire chapel. Beautiful blues. The outside was a little in need of restoration, but great to see more gargoyles

Images from inside St Chapelle - click on the pic and it will open in a new window

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  1. fantastic blog site, keep it going. How long are you in Paris for?